Terms and Conditions

This is a legally binding agreement between Employees Pro and you; therefore, it is advisable and recommended that you read these terms and conditions of using our website and services carefully. Please note that your continued use of our website shows that you agree to all terms of use and obligations mentioned below. If you do not agree to any of the terms mentioned, then please do not use this website. 

Terms Are Subject to Change 

You agree that Employee Pro has all rights reserved to amend and update the terms with and overtime on this website, without notification. Thus, it is advisable for you to review and check our terms of use page every time you use our website so that you understand and are well aware of the changes made.

Terms of Use for Job Seekers

Job Ads or Job Listings

Employees Pro may make Job ads and other content related to jobs from third-party sites available for individuals searching for employment with us. These individuals are referred to as job seekers. For jobseekers searching for a job, ads are free for job seekers. As third parties provide these job ads, you agree that Employees Pro has no control over them or links to or from the job ads posted, and any other that third parties may apply to or on job seekers such as a fee to apply for a particular job.

You also understand and acknowledge that employers’ websites may sometimes have conversion trackers and other functionality trackers provided to them by us. These trackers keep us informed that applications are completed on the site of the employer. However, please note that the employers that install functionality trackers are required to use it in conformance to the applicable laws.

Resume and Jobs Recommended

Once you create a resume on our site, you are giving us the authority to make that resume available to third parties at Employees Pro. These include employers that may be interested in your resume if they see you as a suitable candidate. You agree that Employees Pro can share with you Job listings that match your resume contents. We disclaim and thus, they no responsibility of all liability for the application information and resume that you post—sending and receiving through the site.


Terms of Use for Employers

The terms and conditions below apply to all employers, companies and other users who may use or access our website regarding employment opening or employee finding purpose.

Employer Account

When you create your account with us Employees Pros, a Company Page and post job listings to advertise job openings or employment opportunities or any other type of content related to jobs, including any third party sites, as part of the Employee Pros ads program or otherwise, you agree that these terms and conditions apply to you.

Thus, when you create an account with us, Employees Pro may want you to verify your identity through a third-party service called ‘Mitek’. Through this service, you will submit your documents for identification, and you agree to share your ID documents and identification with Mitek. Also, in case of data loss, you cannot hold Employees Pro liable.

You agree that when your employer account with Employees Pro is only for business use. It is not for personal use. Employees Pro is not liable under any circumstance if for and disclaims all forms of liability if in case your email account is misused by a third party.

By registering with us, you shall agree that you will receive mandatory updates via email regarding anomalous activities to your Employees Pro account. Also, if you send an email from an ID or name that is false, inaccurate, or incorrect, then we have the right to report such email as a violation of the terms and conditions.

Change of Address

Suppose you at any point change the address from your current US billing address to an address outside or vice versa. In that case, you shall be bound by the previous address with the same Employees Pro party agreement for the remainder of the calendar month until the beginning of the next month. 

If your Employees Pro employer account has a credit card on file to pay for one Employees Pro product/service, we may charge that credit card for any additional products/services that you order.

Employer Services—Apply and Screener Questions

You the employer agree that as a service to job seekers, Employees Pro has all rights to activate its apply relay function in connection with job listings of your company.

You agree that any candidate that wants to show interest in your listing shall go through Employees Pro apply relay function and that we shall send applications of the candidates to the emails you have provided to us. 

You, the employer, agree that when you use candidate management tools you are allowing Employees Pro to assemble the application materials of the job seekers, their resumes screener question answers, assessment responses and other information in our document. However, we shall have no responsibility to maintain or store it, and that you are responsible for record retention and compliance.

Screening Tools

At Employees Pro, employers may have access to screening tools such as phone screens, screener questions and assessment tools available during the application process. We license to you these tools as you determine us for use. However, you agree that the questions you ask or the tools you choose to use are solely determined by you and not by us. Thus, you are completely responsible for if the results are considered to have a disparate impact after you use the screening tools.  

You agree that Employees Pro doesn’t warrant that the screening tools or questions asked will be compliant with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Therefore, you shall indemnify us in case of any or all claims that may arise after using any of the screening tools.