Privacy Policy


At Employees Pro, we have developed this privacy policy to provide you/users with guidance on and keep you informed on how we handle and use your information. This policy details how we collect user information, use it and when do we disclose the personal or non-personal data that we collect from you.

Employees Pro aims to help job seekers find the right jobs and employers find the best fit for their companies. 

What Information Does Employees Pro Collect About Users?

We collect user information in many ways across the website such as:

  •         The information that you choose to provide us such as contact details, resume, and location data
  •          Through your website activity like information from your device,  searches you run to find jobs and the jobs that you click on  
  •         Once you apply to jobs, you use screeners and assessment questions or log in from 3rd party websites
  •         You use chargeable services
  •         You’re an employer providing us with the necessary employer information and personal details for verification purposes

What Do We Do With the Information Collected?

At Employees Pro, we strive to deliver the best user experience to both job seekers and employers. We use the information collected in many ways such as:

  •         Send job alerts and any other job relate promotional material
  •         Better search results and relevant job recommendations
  •         Improve communication as part of the job search, interview process and application
  •         Make your resume accessible to 3rd parties. However, it depends on the privacy settings you select such as private and public resume
  •         Match job seekers with the right job listings
  •         Prevent spams, frauds, and illegal activities
  •         Facilitate payments for chargeable services
  •         Ensure smooth automated processing
  •         Enhance user experience
  •         Maintain website performance

Who Do We Share the Information Collected With?

User information is shared with the following if and when required:

  •         Employees Pro affiliates
  •         Between employers and job seekers
  •         Third party service providers  (they help us with data storage and fraud detection)

How Long Do We Keep the Information Saved With us?

The user data that you provide us is stored as long as you need our services. However, we may sometimes keep it longer when and where necessary depending on the local laws and compliance purposes. However, if you want us to delete your personal data, then you can submit a delete request.

What are the User Rights with respect to Their Personal Data?

At Employees Pro, we take your privacy seriously. We offer GDPR type rights to all users worldwide. These rights include:

  •         Your right to access or delete personal data,
  •         Get personal data in a portable format
  •         Restrict certain processing of personal data

The Scope of our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy covers the data that we gather through our website. This does not cover or include any other data collection or processing source including third party operators, other site links and any information that we gather offline or from other websites, services or products that do not display a direct link on our website.

Also, Employees Pro may refer to the Privacy Policy in some site notices including but not limited to pages created for special purposes, mobile apps and invitations for users to submit ideas for site improvement and performance. However, you agree that Employees Pro has all rights to amend or change our Privacy Policy at any time without any notification.

Thus, if you are a job seeker and have applied to a job listing on our website, please view the job listing for additional information that may be applicable to you. Also, former or current employees should contact the human resources coordinators for applicable policies.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

It is advisable to review the “Last Updated” tab at the top of the Privacy Policy web page to identify when the policy was last updated or amended. Please note that any changes or additions to the Privacy Policy will continue to become effective on the date it was “Last Updated”.

Therefore, by using the website after it is updated or providing your personal information to us following such changes, it will automatically imply that you have accepted the changes or additions to our Privacy Policy. Moreover, if Employees Pro plans to use your personal data gathers through our website in a way that is materially different from that what we have stated at the time of information collection, then we shall inform or notify you via email or by posting a notice on the site for thirty days before such use or as required by the law.

The Legal Basis on Which We Collect Users Personal Data

At Employees Pro we gather and process user’s personal data on different legal grounds that depend on the nature of the data and the process it is being collected for. However, whatever we do is in conformance with the law.

Contract Performance

Some personal data is collected and processed for the performance of the agreement, such as where we may take permission from users to send their application to an employer if we find a relevant job opening.

Legitimate Interest

This involves legitimate interests, which include:

  •         Where we send you marketing material about our services or products,
  •         Where we tend to believe that you have a reasonable expectation from us to perform a certain type of processing on your behalf
  •         Where such processing is vital for fraud prevention or detection Where we have to share user personal data with our affiliates


In some situations, we rely on your consent to use and process personal data. Thus, we may contact you at the time of provision for your consent. For example, we will seek your consent where you initiate a marketing message like a job alert with us.